Akeisjah “AK” Parker

Akeisjah is an amazing student with a genuine heart. She always finds a way to help others whenever she’s capable. Over the summer, through the ALLIN Mentorship Program, she generated more than 10 hours of service finishing top 5 within the program. During her time at Peoria High School, she is involved with Trio, Avid, and Pride Team. This shows her dedication to developing and growing into a well-rounded leader in our community.

Akeisjah was a part of the ALLIN Mentorship Program second cohort and has grown throughout her time with us. Her mentor, Lorenzo, gives her high praise and admires her dedication to meet bi-weekly and complete task at hand entirely. Lorenzo said, “Akeisjah has a bright future and as someone who supports her, I am excited to see her future endeavors unfold.”

Akeisjah wants to attend Howard University and we are committed to doing all we can to help her achieve her goals. To share a little more about Akeisjah, we created a Q/A to help everyone get to know her!

Grade: 11th 

School: Peoria High School 
What growth have you seen in yourself since joining ALLIN?:
I've became more motivated.
If you could describe ALLIN in one word, what would it be?:
What/Who Motivates You To Work Hard: My ancestors. Knowing that they didn’t have, the rights, and opportunities that they couldn’t have due to how the world was back then pushes me to be better and do what they couldn’t. A proud quote I live by is “I'm my ancestors’ wildest dream."
What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment?: Being selected to become a member of the Honors Association when I was a sophomore and receiving an invitation to join the National Society of High School Students (NSHSS). 
Why Do You Give Back To Your Community?: Being involved has given me a clearer perspective on the world and in a way boosts my self esteem. Doing something good is very self affirming and I know I’m not only making myself proud but others other around me. 

What is your favorite thing about your future career?: Helping people and doing meaningful work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: 
Enrolled at Howard University College of Medicine 
What is one thing mentoring over the years helped you with?:
Mentoring has pushed me to do better and be a role model for young students.
How has volunteering help mold you into a well-rounded young adult?:
Volunteering has connected me to others, increased my social skills, created a sense of purpose, and made me want to become the best version of myself.