Estrella "Madam President" Montoya

Estrella is an outgoing individual that takes pride in spending time with her family and finding ways to elevate in life. Earlier this month she graduated from Quest Charter Academy (QCA) with honors. During her time at Quest, she was a pioneer in founding QCA Running Club along with being involved with the key club, class president, student senate, and QCA Board Representative. She's been enrolled at Illinois Central College where she has taken college-level classes to help her jumpstart her college career as a sophomore in the fall at Bradley University where she will study International Business.

Estrella was a part of the ALLIN Mentorship Program first cohort and has grown throughout her time with us. She is well beyond her years and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. Earlier this month she was promoted to a mentor and now has two mentees; Kamela and Isa. Her transition from Mentee to Mentor was expedited due to her potential, engagement, and dedication. 

Estrella's long-term endeavors include owning her own law firm, join us in celebrating her future adventures. To get to know Estrella better we created a Q/A to help everyone get to know her!

Grade: Freshman in college
School: Sophomore at Bradley University in the fall 
What/Who Motivates You To Work Hard: My family, I wish and hope to give them everything they deserve. They've worked very hard for me to have everything, I want to give them back more.
What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment?: I gave a speech at my high school graduation and I will be graduating from college in 3 years.
Why Do You Give Back To Your Community?: When I get older I want to make a difference in the world, I can't make a difference when I haven't started in my own community.
What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Future Career?: Definitely that I will be able to talk, argue and prove my point, but mostly defending people that can not defend themselves.
Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?: Graduated from college and enroll in law school.