Yadhi Alonso

Yadhi joined ALLIN January 2021 and has been nothing but outstanding. She was once shy and spoke very few words, that has not been the case since. She has been on 6 college visits with us and volunteered at dozens of events. During her time at Peoria High School, she is involved with Trio, Avid, and Pride Team. This shows her dedication to developing and growing into a well-rounded leader in our community.

Joining a start-up mentorship program and not knowing what you're getting yourself into is a risk and we are appreciative Yadhi, along with the other students gave us a chance to showcase that we here to support them along their journey. We are pleased to have met her and watched her grow over the past year. Dedicated students that are willing to help their community, excel in school, and motivate others around them is what our program is about, Yadhi is an example of that. 

Yadhi is unsure where she wants to obtain her bachelors degree, but wherever she decides it will be a great fit for her.  We are committed to doing all we can to help her achieve her goals. To share a little more about Yadhi, we created a Q/A to help everyone get to know her!

Grade: 11th/ Freshman at Illinois Central College (ICC)

School: Peoria High School/ ICC 

Current job: Hostess at Brienzo's Wood Fire Pizza

What/who motivates you to work hard?
My biggest motivator is my family. My family encourages me to work harder. We did not have much growing up and seeing how they cared for my brothers and I was motivating. Growing up having to see my family struggle to pay bills but yet was able to provide my needs and wants. I want to be able to take the lessons they gave me, build from it, and make it so much more. One day I want to be to pay them back, I know it will not be easy to overcome the obstacles that are ahead, but Im willing to take on the challenge. 

What is your proudest accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishment is being able to start my college career at 16 years old.

Why do you like giving back to the community?
I like giving back to the community because the joy I get from seeing the smiles on community member faces. It helps boosts my self esteem and allows me to create connections within the community.

What is your favorite thing about your future career?
My favorite thing about my future career is getting to help people, being active on my feet, and travel while doing so.

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

I see myself being in nursing school working towards my dream career.

What do you look forward to the most from the Diploma Degree Program (D2)?
I think the biggest thing I look forward to from the D2 program is getting the opportunity to obtain my associates degree and high school diploma at the age of 17.

How has volunteering helped mold you into a well-rounded young adult?
Volunteering has helped me look for the good in everything and everyone. It has helped me discover that I like being able to help people even when I don’t know them, it also makes me feel as if I can just be myself while doing good.

What growth have you seen in yourself since joining ALLIN?

I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself from joining ALLIN. A few things I have seen since joining ALLIN are my social skills, reliable, accessible, and engagement with my peers.

If you could describe ALLIN in one word, what would it be?