Core5 Mentorship Program

The Core 5 mentorship program will help guide the youth through troubling obstacles that will arise. The Core 5 mentors will share personal experiences and advice about professional development. Such as the internship process, part time job hiring, maneuvering through college, resume help, and other ways to guide our mentees to be well-rounded students. We are currently accepting mentees that are in high school. We want to get involved with the youth ASAP! This program is designed to help you grow and develop academically, personally, and professionally. We understand that college is not for everyone and there are different routes you may take in order to achieve your life goals. If you are interested in becoming an ALLIN Mentee, please inquire below. You will be paired with a Core 5 mentor that will be your direct point of contact!

ALLIN Mentors: 

  • Lorenzo Watson-Lemarche, Aurora University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • Aléja Bates, University of Missouri at Columbia
  • Amya Mitchell, Western Illinois University
  • Janihya Bennett, Northern Illinois University
  • Estrella Montoya, Bradley University 
  • Keelan Bailey, Illinois Central College 

ALLIN Mentees:

  • Kaleigha Grant, Rylee Mull, Krisdon Marquardt, Akeisjah Parker, JQ Turner, Yadhi Alonso, Adriana Mendoza, Rachel Ahuatl, Alyssa Butler Peoria High School 
  • Isa Montejano, Richwoods High School